Double Feedings For Twins
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  • Twin Brides and Twin Grooms

      Weddings celebrate two people coming together and sharing their lives. But some twins have shared the wedding spotlight and vows, too. There are about 250 sets of identical twins married to identical twins. This means everything is doubled including wedding gowns, tuxes and food. To keep it simple many twins have done these three […]

  • Rare Condition Makes Twin Inside of You

    What if you had a twin inside of you? Cells of a sibling, child, or even a former lover can persist in our bodies for decades sparking tantalizing questions about identity and twins.

  • Back to School: Same Class or Separate?

    Back to school is right around the corner and often the main concern for most parents with twins and multiples is: should you separate your twins or keep them together?

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  • Twin Assumptions

    Sometimes twins don’t always live up to their proceeding reputations. One of which is ESP, extra sensory perception—gaining information from the natural world through a “sixth sense” that is not part of the five main senses.

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Happiness is a Twin Thing

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