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Rare Condition Makes Twin Inside of You



What if you had a twin inside of you? Cells of a sibling, child, or even a former lover can persist in our bodies for decades sparking tantalizing questions about identity and twins.

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Twin Assumptions

Sometimes twins don’t always live up to their proceeding reputations. One of which is ESP, extra sensory perception—gaining information from the natural world through a “sixth sense” that is not part of the five main senses.

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Happiness is a Twin Thing

Flikr: shari thompson

Flikr: shari thompson


What can 973 sets of twins tell us about happiness? In the study “Happiness Is a Personal(ity) Thing,” published in Psychological Science, 973 twins were studied to find that happiness is 50% influenced by our genetics and personality.

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Twin Brides and Twin Grooms

Shelley Paulson Photography Nouveau


Weddings celebrate two people coming together and sharing their lives. But some twins have shared the wedding spotlight and vows, too.

There are about 250 sets of identical twins married to identical twins. This means everything is doubled including wedding gowns, tuxes and food.

To keep it simple many twins have done these three wise steps:

One Registry


Having more than one registry can be not only be confusing to guests, but also expensive. To cut down on time and money, many twins will register at the same boutiques, at the same time. This helps guests choose one gift for each couple without having to do double the work.

Similar Tuxes and Wedding Gowns


Twins do not necessary have to match on their combined wedding day, but styles and colors should fall under the same scheme. Many twins will then buy and tailor their wedding gowns and tuxes from the same designer. This allows for both sets to have similar looks with unique touches.

One Cake


More than one cake can rack up a sizable bill. Therefore many twins will choose one wedding cake that works for everyone. Plus, they double the cake’s size for double the guests.

A double wedding may not be for every twin, but if you do you can follow these three wise steps to create a memorable wedding.


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Julia Roberts Twins

Phinnaeas and Hazel are seen wearing warm jackets, beanies and khaki pants. Little hazel is rocking adorable pink knitted Uggs with a flower decal on the front.

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