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Twin Brides and Twin Grooms

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Weddings celebrate two people coming together and sharing their lives. But some twins have shared the wedding spotlight and vows, too.

There are about 250 sets of identical twins married to identical twins. This means everything is doubled including wedding gowns, tuxes and food.

To keep it simple many twins have done these three wise steps:

One Registry


Having more than one registry can be not only be confusing to guests, but also expensive. To cut down on time and money, many twins will register at the same boutiques, at the same time. This helps guests choose one gift for each couple without having to do double the work.

Similar Tuxes and Wedding Gowns


Twins do not necessary have to match on their combined wedding day, but styles and colors should fall under the same scheme. Many twins will then buy and tailor their wedding gowns and tuxes from the same designer. This allows for both sets to have similar looks with unique touches.

One Cake


More than one cake can rack up a sizable bill. Therefore many twins will choose one wedding cake that works for everyone. Plus, they double the cake’s size for double the guests.

A double wedding may not be for every twin, but if you do you can follow these three wise steps to create a memorable wedding.


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Why Angelina Jolie Defends Choice to Undergo Breast Removal Surgery

Angelina Jolie (Credit Photo: IMDb)

Angelina Jolie (Credit Photo: IMDb)

Actress and mother of twins, Angelina Jolie underwent a preventative double mastectomy (removal of both her breasts) in April because of a mutated BRCA1 gene known to raise the risk of breast cancer by 87 percent and ovarian cancer by up to a 54 percent.

In her tell-all “My Medical Choice”, Jolie shares that although it was a difficult choice it was necessary. Jolie reports her mother had breast cancer and died of ovarian cancer, and her grandmother also had ovarian cancer.

This for Jolie (and health professionals) was adequate evidence to remove both her healthy breasts to avoid the same outcome. It is often advised that women who have this gene would benefit from ovarian removal as well, yet it is unclear whether Jolie will make that decision in the future.

Also during the surgery, doctors placed a tissue expander under her skin; a device which slowly stretches the skin making room for a breast implant to optimize the final cosmetic appearance.

After surgery, Jolie was said to be ‘energetic and positive.’ For Jolie, the best outcome to the double mastectomy is that she has increased her chance to have a healthy and full life with her loving family and twins.



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