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Back to School: Same Class or Separate?


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Back to school is right around the corner and often the main concern for most parents with twins and multiples is: should you separate your twins or keep them together?

Luckily, as parents, we have the power to choose because there is no wrong answer.

Testing the waters is fine. Many parents will put their twins and multiples in the same class or separate them and then get feedback from teachers thereafter. However, to save time, understanding all your options will increase the likelihood of finding the best solution for everyone.

Evidence suggests that keeping twins together—especially in the primary years—is healthier then separation, but many schools prefer separation to avoid confusion and distraction as early as kindergarten. While other schools believe that they should be separated after first grade.

To make the best choice, you should:

.  Talk to teachers
.  Talk to other parents of twins
.  Let twins and multiples stay together up until first grade
.  Ask your twins and multiples their thoughts
.  Trust your guts—only you know your twins the best
.  Ask a lot of questions and get answers
.  Find schools that will accommodate your wishes
.  Keep open communication amongst administration, yourself and your twins
.  Always be confident in your final decision and your twins will be as well


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    Hi everyone ! Nice blog!!!! I love hanging out and checking this site out, so much to learn-thanks!

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