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8 Wise Tips for Parents of Twins

At Twinologys, we are not only building a growing community for twins—their friends and family included—but also we are twins ourselves and have direct access to the one person with the best advice on raising them: our mom. But hold up. Put that hand down to steady yourself. We’ll take a deep-dive into the best advice you’re ever going to get right now.


1. Get Support


Twins and multiples are a lot of work and require parents to be a unified front. Many parents of twins have said that twins will use one parent against the other. Don’t be fooled by their cute faces, twins and multiples will divide and conquer. So having set goals, like no cookies before dinner for instance, will help everyone involved in raising your twins and multiples continue to be a single unit.


2. Sleep is Your Friend


To new parents, this title may seem like a cruel joke because sleep becomes obsolete. But without power naps and at least 4-6 hours of sleep nightly you might burn out. Our mom suggests that when your babies are napping, you should be resting as well. Set your alarm for ten to fifteen minute naps and keep your baby monitor close. When you get an opportunity to put your feet up, take it. You’ll need to stock up as much energy as possible with twins.


3. Delegate Properly


It’s easy to want to do everything by yourself and in own your way, but you may get overwhelmed. Putting others in charge of tasks that are crowding your plate will not only help you get a breather, but also encourage them to get involved. Our mom believes delegating tasks is one of the best ways to get the support and breaks you need.


 4. Remember to Laugh!


Laughing lowers stress, improves health, and makes raising twins funnier. There will be times when both twins are running in separate directions or playing tricks on you and you may not want to laugh, but having a good sense of humor will help you relax and enjoy the experience of raising twins.


5. Involve Your Partner


Help is on the way when you encourage your partner to step in, or step up, to support you. If you feel like you’re doing all the work it’s necessary you ask for assistance. We know asking for help is tough—not many feel comfortable with this act. Yet if you want to keep a structured routine, you should involve your partner in your routine. Even creating a flow chart, for example, can help your partner see what needs to be done. Once one thing is done, take it off list and praise your partner. Who’s the best partner now?


6. Separate Play Dates


Separating outings or play times is crucial to the development of your twins’ personality and understanding their individuality. Often, though, splitting them up is difficult especially if they are close. To circumvent this, set your twins up with two different activities at the same time. Then they can be together, but still express their differences apart.


7. Feed Them at The Same Time


If you can lock down a feeding schedule early, then you can have more time for naps, cuddling, and snuggling. This takes practice, patience and starting early. Using a feeding journal, you can predict times and lengths more accurately to merge nursing schedules.


8. Individuality (Twin Style)


They may look the same and sometimes act the same, but again twins are unique individuals. Approach each twin or multiple as a separate child. Dressing them differently can encourage them to voice their own opinions about their likes and dislikes (be ready for their little opinions.) Even buying them different gifts to match their tastes and baking different cakes/cupcakes for their birthday can help each twin define who they are as an individual.


Full-Time Plus Job


Raising twins is a full-time plus job and everyone’s help is needed and encouraged. Ultimately, parents should ask for help, support and love. We hope our mom’s advice will be your ticket to better support for raising your twins. Thanks mom–you’re awesome!

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