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When Celebrity Twins Fight the Gloves Come Off



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When celebrity twins fight it makes headlines—but when the fight lasts for more then seven years it should make the front page.

Isabella Rossellini and her fraternal twin sister Isotta Ingrid chose different paths in life. Isabella started her modeling career at age 28 and became an award-winning actress. Her sister earned her PhD in Italian Literature and became a professor at Harvard.

They were always close and seen eating, shopping and hanging out together, but when Isabella wrote and acted in her short film “My Dad Is 100” about her father Roberto Rossellini’s career and life directed by the Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin, Isotta did not approve.

When the film made its début, Isabella witnessed what media backlash can do to sisterly love.

Her sister Isotta felt the film made a joke of their father’s film career. She has said that when her father was depicted as a giant, round belly, it was an unacceptable homage for his 100th celebration—a tiny film that might have otherwise been ignored if not for Isabella’s fame.

This caused the twins to have a falling out in 2006 and they still have not fully recovered. Even though Isabella is the twin that knows how to use her fame, Isotta may never forgive or forget.

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