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5 Challenges of Parenting Twins

Moms of twins and multiples experience every adventure times two or more!  Below are 5 of the most common challenges faced by moms of twins.

1. Single Crib:

You may have been sold on the double crib, but in the beginning there is no need to buy two– one will do just fine. Yet when twins start to bump, roll, or jump then you should consider separate cribs. Like the Delta Winter Park 3-in-1 Convertible Crib.









Safety 1st Complete AIR 65 Convertible Car Seat 2. Good Things Come in Twos

When your twins are ready for car rides having two safe and comfortable car seats will help you and your twins enjoy the trip more. Keep your baby safe when you travel with this Safety 1st car seat. This LATCH-compatible seat can be used facing the front or back of the vehicle and features a five-point harness for added safety. Hide-away cup holders give your child’s cup a home. (see 10 Must Haves for Parents of Twins)







imgres3. Special Health Concerns

It is never a good feeling to assume the worst, but often newborn twins and multiples are born premature and underweight. Alan Rosenbloom MD a New York pediatrician has said that one of the biggest health concerns for twins is respiratory issues, but Rosenbloom assures us not to worry. New advancements in medicine allows each or one twin to receive the oxygen they need and their lungs will strengthen over time.






4691799773_6900e6f949_z4. Encourage Differences:

Many parents report that their twins and multiples start to express differences from the moment they’re born, while others grow into the individuality. No matter when you start to notice differences, you can encourage each to develop their own identity through sports, friends, and time spent alone with each parent.








5. After 2 Years it Gets Easier

Once twins turn two years old things get easier because they play with one another, sleep better, and form a similar routine. Meaning you will get a well-deserved break after a job well done.






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