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Amazing Twin ESP

Extra sensory perception, ESP, is gaining information about the natural world through a “sixth sense” that is not part of our five main physical senses.  This extraordinary ability is forever linked to twins.  Lisa and Debbie Ganz the authors of “The Book of Twins: A Celebration in Words and Pictures” interviews thirty-eight sets of twins and documents how ESP is present among some multiples.  To be included on that list are identical twins Pat Frank and Pam Johnson.

At their home in Huntington Beach, California, Pat and Pam live with their Somoli cat Zulu and Pam’s son Taylor.  While inside, we received some good old fashion southern hospitality from these twins.

Southern belles love their stories and these women are no exception to this legacy.  Their tale began Derby Day in Augusta, Georgia when the miracle twins were born.  Pam recounts their mother Barbra, who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that, “She wasn’t able to have children, but she has always wanted twins since she was a little girl.”  Then one day she got pregnant and while pregnant, Barbra was placed on bed rest for the entire nine months.  During this time, Pat explained, “She would get iron shots every day.”  Finishing her sentence, Pam continues, “We depleted her of everything.”

Then to her revelation, Barbra told the doctors she was having twins, as Pam declares, “When she felt two sets of hiccups in her belly.”  The doctors told her that this was impossible because she could barely have one.  But, on May 2nd, Derby Day, when women flocked to the racetrack wearing their lavish sun hats with white lace gloves and sipped their mint juleps, Pat and Pam were born.

Some twins have sensitivity to the other’s sensations.  Except Pat and Pam believe they have the uncanny ability to know what the other is thinking and feeling.  Often they would get each other the same gifts and cards.  Like for their Mother’s Day brunch, Pat said, “We exchanged our cards and gifts in the car.”  After each opened their cards they started hysterically laughing.  Pat bursts out in laughter still and remembers, “We had gotten each other the same exact card.”  Even when their mother’s best friend Mariyln was ill in the hospital they did it again and got her the same card from two separate Ralphs supermarkets in two different states.

Navigating through their lives, Pat and Pam have found solace in sticking together.  When they were young, Pat and Pam’s father was in the Air Force and together, with their mother, moved all over the world.  They also owned horses and rode almost every day together.  Now they like to garden, sing, dance, cook, shoot pool, exercise, have the same taste in fashion, food and entertainment.  They do almost everything with one another.  Even watch their favorite television show Dr. Oz together.  Both love the show because, Pam affirms, “He has a heart and is so sincere.”  Pat adds, “He’s precious with people, especially women.”

Another testament to their ESP is while Pam was living in Hawaii, she remembers waking up with intense stomach pain.  Hugging her stomach, Pam said, “It was very unusual. I was doubled over in pain.”  Later that day she got a call from their mother and was told that Pat had a C-section with her son Zachary.  Plus, Pat remembers, “When Pam was having gallbladder surgery I had severe stomach pains as well.   The same thing happened to me.”  Both felt each other’s pain without knowing what was happening to the other.

Then when Pat and Pam were living in Camarillo California with Pam’s two sons, Brandon which was twelve years old at the time and Taylor, and Pat’s daughter Kandice and son Zachery a tragic event happened.  Pam’s son Brandon was hit by a car while in the crosswalk with his skateboard.

That day, Brandon was not wearing a helmet and sustained a head injury.  After seven days in an induced coma, Pam and Pat had to make the horrifying decision to take him off life support.  A traumatic event, Pam recalls it being, “The hardest part of my life.”

Understandably, Pat and Pam were equally devastated.  After the car accident, Pam donated Brandon’s organs to Ropa Foundation.  A boy living in San Jose, CA received his heart.  Two years later, Pam said, “I got to meet the young boy on the Leeza Gibbons show.”  To his true life’s purpose, Pam proclaims Brandon as being “Full of spirit and made friends with everyone.  He had just been picked up by an acting agency.”  Both Pat and Pam continue Brandon’s legacy through their memories and stories of this amazing child.

From there, Pat and Pam moved and while separated their ESP became even more heightened than usual.  Pat explains, “It gets more intense when we live apart.”  They admit that they “feel each other’s pain a lot.”  While visiting her mother in New Mexico, Pat fell and badly hurt her knees and arm.  That same day, Pam recalls, “My arm and knee were killing me and I didn’t know why.  I felt like someone ran over me with a car.”  Shockingly, Pam was feeling Pat’s pain.  Pat adds, “It was the same arm, same knee in the same exact spot.”

Their telepathy seems to be real.  This makes them very close and they couldn’t imagine living without each other.  In reflection, Pam states, “We stand up for each other.”  Looking at her sister, Pat adds, “We’ve been through a lot together.  It’s made us stronger as friends and sisters.”   They’re ability to know when something is wrong with the other has not only helped them support each other, but become closer.  Ever since they were children, Pat and Pam have shared a special bond that continues even to this day.

From left to right: Pat, Pam 











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